Linear / Rotary Speed

Position / Motion

Torque / Force

Pressure / Vacuum


Sensors / Transducers

Strain Gage



Audio to RF

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Tachometer / Timing

Frequency / Vibration

Process Controls

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LED /  LCD Displays

Discrete Components

Integrated Circuits


PCB Layout

Schematic Diagrams

Draft Choice CAD

MS Office

Word, Excel, Power Point

Formal Reports




Volts / Ohms / Amps

Solid State

Vacuum Tubes



Update 1-24-2007

EE Technology Solutions

In the interest of “unfinished business.”

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Member: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


Primarily interested in applying electronic analog and digital logic design skills, project coordination and management, and extensive product research background.  I’d also love to teach elementary school science… maybe when I retire!.

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Objective:     Electronic Product Consulting



     Project management, product development.

    Analog and digital circuit design.

    Competitive and merchandised product evaluation. 

Reverse engineering to component level.

Circuit analysis, test and evaluation.

Sales, training and repair documentation.

Research, prototype fabrication and demonstration

     of new product concepts.

Industrial monitors and controls.

Automated testing.

Awarded 32 U.S. Patents.


Past Employment:

     Sr. Research Project Engineer, 26 yrs.

          Snap-on Tools Corp., Kenosha, WI

     Industrial Engineer, 3 yrs.

          Electronic Systems of Wisconsin, Racine, WI

     Product Coordinator, 5 yrs.

          Dynapar Corporation, (Danaher), Gurnee, IL

     Communications Chief, 3 yrs.

          U.S. Army, Vietnam Veteran 1969-70, Sgt. E-5



    Gateway Technical College, Racine, WI

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         AAS, Electronics Technology, 1972.  Dean’s List.

    U.S. Army Radio Mechanic School, Fort Knox, KY  



    Teaching; adult technical education, electronics

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        seminars, elementary school science fairs. 

    Past chairman, IEEE, Racine/Kenosha Subsection.

paintings by french artist boyer

clown paintings

murals children bedroom wall paintings

paintings of black man in shackles

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lowell davis paintings surprise in the cellar

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    Amateur (HAM) radio, WB9TJD.  Member ARRL.

    Rebuilding antique radios.

    2nd Class Commercial radio license.

    Digital and chemical process photography.

    Classical and New Age piano player.

    Camping, hiking, conservation, pencil sketching. 



(262) 694-1681





4727-70th Street

Kenosha, WI 53142

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